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In our fleet of fitness equipment we have modern treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, steppers, rowing machines & massage tables.

With a wide variety to hire and flexibility on hiring, we cater for all fitness regimes from beginners to athletes and every one in between across North Queensland.

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Benefits of Home Exercise Equipment

Choice Hire provides exercise equipment in the privacy, comfort and security of your own home
7 days a week.
No need for fancy work out gear, you can watch your favorite TV program, listen to music or read a book in air conditioned comfort, while gaining the benefits of a cardio vascular workout and burning calories for weight loss.
There is no large initial outlay or upfront membership fees and we have flexibility on equipment hire.

Our exercise equipment is already assembled, less than 12 months old and delivered to your door ready to go, free of charge in the Cairns and Townsville region.

Also dont forget to check out our Choice Hire specials!

Choice Hire - Home Fitness Equipment:

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